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Our Vision

The mission of Leonard J. Tyl Middle School is to educate the whole child: intellectual, physical, emotional, social, cultural and artistic.  The school community encourages and challenges the child to strive for excellence in all these realms and endeavors to foster an enduring love of learning.
Middle school children are at a unique developmental state.  Their view of the world is immediate and personal, and their learning styles range from concrete to abstract.  The typical middle school student arrives a child and leaves an adolescent.  Physical changes mirror less visible emotional and cognitive changes. During the middle school years, roles and attitudes regarding family, peers, and teachers are in a process of evolution.  Middle school students, both fragile and malleable, need the opportunity to still be children as they are guided toward responsible maturity. 
Tyl Middle School has a curriculum based upon national standards and benchmark assessments.  Learning styles are individual.  Therefore, teachers assist students in developing strengths while improving upon areas of weakness.  The school provides an environment in which students develop a comprehensive literacy.  The curriculum fosters the growth of a positive work ethic which is recognized and rewarded in all areas.
Building strong relationships with the community enhances the growth of all students.  The school encourages open communication among students, school personnel, and parents.  Parental support is valued as a vital resource in the education of children.  The community of Leonard J. Tyl Middle School creates an environment that enables its students to become productive members of a democratic society, fostering responsible citizenship in a culturally diverse nation. 
Two students on Hawaiian Day
In a world where you can be anything, be kind
Chamber Choir
Track Meet
The strength of the wolf is the pack
Mrs. Occhialini receives an award
Coach Occhialini gives a pep talk during game
Tyl Boys Basketball Team
National Honor Society


  • 2,017 Students
  • 8 Schools/Programs
  • $19,404 Per Pupil Expenditure
  • 228 Full-time Certified Staff
  • 93.4% Students taking courses promoting college and career readiness
  • 95.5% MHS Graduation Rate
  • 27 Sports Teams

Montville Public Schools

Montville Public Schools is comprised of three neighborhood elementary schools (K-5), one middle school (6-8), and one high school (9-12) with an offsite alternative high school program.  The district offers a pre-K and transition program for residents of Montville based on need.

MPS offers a rigorous academic program with a wide variety of course selections.  Athletics, extracurricular clubs, art, music, and theater options are available to allow students to pursue their interests beyond the school day.

News & Announcements

Teacher of the Year 2023

Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Derek Wainwright!! He is the Montville Public School's Teacher of the Year!
Tyl MIddle School Building

Principal's Message

Principal Gregory Gwudz

Welcome to Leonard J. Tyl Middle School, we are thrilled you are here! Middle school is such an important and exciting time for students as they transition from the nurturing environment of elementary school to the rigors of high school.  Our caring and talented staff at Tyl work tirelessly to help meet the needs of all students during these important years.  
Tyl’s core values are centered on Respect, Responsibility, Pride and Safety- together those values encompass the Tyl Way.  These values, coupled with a commitment to a strong partnership with you as parents/guardians, as well as the entire Montville community, help to ensure our students grow into well rounded, independent and responsible citizens.  
As a Montville graduate, the opportunity to lead an amazing school like Tyl, in such a caring and supportive community, is something that gives me great pride. 
On behalf of the Tyl Middle School administration, faculty, and staff, we look forward to working with you.
Math Activity
Students at a Pep Rally
Salmon Release Field Trip